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Reinventing Legal Workflows: LexisNexis Unveils New AI Tools

LexisNexis Introduces Generative AI Platform, Lexis+ AI

Imagine you’re an in-house lawyer needing to draft a cease and desist letter against a party infringing on your company’s trademarks. Enter Lexis+ AI, an innovative generative AI platform by LexisNexis that can provide you with a first draft of the letter, relevant precedent-related materials, and other reference documents to refine your message.

Even more impressive, you can ask the platform to ramp up the aggression in the tone of the letter, and Lexis+ AI will readily modify the draft with more assertive language.

This is one among many key applications of LexisNexis’ cutting-edge AI technology designed to aid in-house counsel in managing their burgeoning workload within resource constraints, says Jeff Pfeifer, the Chief Product Officer for LexisNexis North America and UK.

Lexis Connect: A Collaboration with Microsoft

Recently, LexisNexis also unveiled Lexis Connect, a legal intake and matter management solution, developed in collaboration with Microsoft, to streamline corporate legal departments’ workflow.

Pfeifer observed that they are “experiencing an unprecedented period of technology developments for in-house counsel to use”, and further noted that their “work with generative AI and development of Lexis Connect in Microsoft Teams is about improving the efficiency of in-house counsel workflows in the face of ever-increasing productivity expectations.”

Conversational Search and Drafting Assistance

In addition to its impressive drafting capabilities, Lexis+ AI also boasts a conversational search function. For instance, an in-house lawyer could use the ‘Ask Lexis+ AI’ feature to understand the pros of transferring state civil cases to federal court in New York.

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The platform responds with key benefits of such a legal strategy and provides a concise summary of case law applicable to transferring New York civil cases to federal court, all drawn from underlying LexisNexis content.

Managing Inbound Requests with Lexis Connect

Lexis Connect, crafted in partnership with Microsoft’s in-house legal team, was created to help legal departments efficiently manage incoming requests.

Integrated within Microsoft Teams, the platform features a conversational AI tool called ‘Ask Legal.’ It can determine whether a business professional’s question can be addressed by a policy document and provide the answer, reducing the burden on the legal department.

Rollout Strategy for the New Products

Currently, Lexis Connect is being tested by LexisNexis’ legal department and Microsoft’s Corporate, External, and Legal Affairs (CELA) team.

The company is seeking more legal departments to trial the product, with a plan to release the technology more broadly in the fall. As for Lexis+ AI, LexisNexis aims to make it widely accessible for in-house counsel and other legal customers by late summer.

“We’re thrilled to bring this transformative technology to customers” expressed Mike Walsh, CEO of LexisNexis Legal & Professional, in a press release.

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