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AI Ascendance: Staying on the Right Side of the Law

The upswing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is throwing up some intricate legal challenges. Experts are sounding the alarm, urging users to be cautious about potential liabilities, particularly in the domains of copyright infringement and defamation.

An interesting development in the sector is the assembly of a forum by four leading tech giants. This includes Microsoft, Google, and OpenAI, the parent company of Chat GPT. The aim? To study and propose a regulatory system for AI, given the absence of concrete legal guidelines in this new and volatile tech frontier.

Indeed, these tech behemoths have found themselves at the receiving end of lawsuits alleging copyright infringement. These accusations revolve around claims that the companies illicitly used protected works to train their AI models.

Legal expert Katie Charleston steps in with some valuable advice for anyone engaging with AI systems. In a bid to dodge potential trouble, she advises, If you are going to use a system to generate a business article, or a book, a resume, make sure you’re actually looking at the content and ensuring its accuracy, putting some sort of fact check in place.

Furthermore, Charleston highlights the importance of closely examining the terms of service for these AI platforms. As an example, she points to the Chat GPT platform, which alerts users that the data they input may be used for training purposes. This warning, according to her, should be heeded seriously to avoid inadvertently revealing private data.

For those with resources at their disposal, she further recommends consulting a legal professional. Their guidance can help navigate the labyrinthine terrain of potential liabilities linked to the use of AI-generated content. With the ground rules of AI still being drafted, it’s crucial for users to be aware of the legal landscape while harnessing the benefits of this powerful technology.

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