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Ukraine Introduces AI-Generated Diplomatic Spokesperson

In a groundbreaking move, Ukraine unveiled an AI-generated spokesperson for its foreign ministry on Wednesday, introducing a digital figure named Victoria Shi to the world. This initiative marks a significant technological advancement in diplomacy, with Ukraine becoming the first country to employ a virtual spokesperson for official communications.

Meet Victoria Shi: A Digital Diplomat

Dressed in a professional dark suit, Victoria Shi introduced herself in a video posted on social media as a “digital person,” skillfully gesturing and moving her head as she spoke. The foreign ministry emphasized that while Victoria’s visual presence is AI-generated, the content of her statements remains the work of human hands.

It’s only the visual part that the AI helps us to generate,” explained Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, highlighting that all official statements are “written and verified by real people.”

Why Victoria?

The creation of Victoria is primarily aimed at streamlining the ministry’s operations, “saving time and resources” for diplomats, according to Minister Kuleba. He described the move as a “technological leap that no diplomatic service in the world has yet made.”

The team behind Victoria, known as the Game Changers, are innovators previously known for developing virtual-reality content related to the ongoing war in Ukraine. The spokesperson’s name, “Victoria Shi,” is inspired by the word “victory” and the Ukrainian term for artificial intelligence, “shtuchniy intelekt.”

The Real Face Behind the Digital Persona

Victoria’s appearance and voice draw from Rosalie Nombre, a singer and former contestant on Ukraine’s version of The Bachelor. Born in the now Russian-controlled city of Donetsk, Nombre actively uses her platform to address stereotypes about mixed-race Ukrainians and Russian-speaking communities. Despite her involvement, the ministry clarified, “Shi and Nombre are two different people,” ensuring a clear distinction between the artist and the AI persona.

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Security Measures and Future Roles

To maintain authenticity and prevent misinformation, each of Victoria’s statements will include a QR code linking to text versions on the ministry’s official website. She is set to comment primarily on consular services, a topic of heightened relevance following Ukraine’s recent suspension of these services for men of fighting age living abroad—a measure forcing them to return to Ukraine amid ongoing military conscription.

This innovative approach by Ukraine could potentially set a new standard in international diplomacy, merging technology with traditional governmental functions.

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