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Adobe’s Acrobat AI Assistant: The New Chatbot for Streamlined Workflows

Introducing the Acrobat AI Assistant

AI assistants are increasingly finding their place in the workplace, and Adobe’s new Acrobat AI Assistant is the latest entrant to offer smart tools for enterprises. Launched in February in beta, this tool can pull essential information from PDFs, provide concise summaries of long texts, answer questions, and help with formatting, all to make information sharing more seamless.

Joining the Chatbot Trend

Adobe’s new tool signals a growing trend as companies like Amazon and Anthropic also release AI chatbots aimed at business users. These chatbots are designed to help employees brainstorm fresh ideas, condense lengthy documents, navigate internal policies, analyze financial data, and monitor emerging industry trends. The Acrobat AI Assistant is Adobe’s answer to these challenges, helping employees find the information they need more quickly and effectively.

How Acrobat AI Assistant Works

Using a conversational interface, the Acrobat AI Assistant lets users “chat” with PDFs, Word files, and PowerPoint presentations, quickly retrieving information and providing recommendations based on document content. The tool can summarize and generate citations, allowing professionals to digest documents more easily and verify the source of information. This functionality aims to reduce the time spent searching for information so that employees can focus on high-value tasks.

Real-World Impact

Kamal Bhadada, president of consulting firm TCS Interactive, highlighted how the Acrobat AI Assistant helped his content team reduce the time spent on routine tasks significantly. The tool streamlined insights from meetings, keynotes, and workshops, showing how it can be a game-changer in everyday business operations.

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Availability & Pricing

The Acrobat AI Assistant is available as a subscription add-on for Adobe Reader and Acrobat, catering to both enterprise and individual customers. While pricing details remain undisclosed, early access pricing is available today. The assistant is currently offered in English, with more languages expected to follow soon.

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