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Shin & Kim Unveils AI & Data Center with New Senior Advisers

In a significant move, South Korean law firm Shin & Kim, one of the Big Six law firms in the country, has announced the launch of its new sector offering, the “AI & Data Center.” This initiative is designed to provide specialized consulting services for clients incorporating data and artificial intelligence (AI) into their operations.

Strategic Expansion into AI and Data Consulting

The AI & Data Center aims to guide businesses through the complexities of integrating AI and data, focusing on commercial and legal risks, regulatory compliance, and policy adherence. The center’s advisers are tasked with developing bespoke risk mitigation strategies and establishing essential policies for clients aiming to integrate AI and data utilization into their business frameworks.

Leadership and Expertise at the Helm

The leadership of the new offering includes a trio of senior advisers, notably with two recent high-profile additions to the team:

  • Juneyoung Jang and Jong-in Yoon, the latest senior advisers to join Shin & Kim, bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the firm.
  • Jong-in Yoon, who previously chaired South Korea’s Personal Information Protection Commission, will co-chair the AI & Data Center alongside Jae-you-Choi, another senior adviser at Shin & Kim since 2017. Yoon’s extensive background includes key positions in the Ministry of Public Administration and Security.
  • Juneyoung Jang, in his new role as senior adviser and vice-chair, will oversee the day-to-day operations of the AI & Data Center. His professional journey includes significant roles at Shin & Kim and as chief privacy counsel at Korean e-commerce giant Coupang.
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A Comprehensive Approach to AI and Data Integration

Yoon, emphasizing the importance of data security and privacy, stated, “For AI-data companies where data is the core asset, it is crucial to have in place a prevention system that effectively detects in advance the critical risk of data security and privacy violations.”

The primary objective of Shin & Kim’s AI & Data Center is to offer exhaustive consulting services for the internalization of AI and data compliance. This initiative aims to bolster clients’ resilience, fostering sustainable growth and establishing them as trusted entities in the AI-enabled data solutions sector.

Shin & Kim’s Vision for the Future

The establishment of the AI & Data Center by Shin & Kim reflects a strategic vision to adapt and thrive in the evolving technological landscape. By harnessing the expertise of its newly appointed senior advisers and focusing on the burgeoning fields of AI and data, Shin & Kim is poised to lead its clients through the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation.

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