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NetDocuments Empowers Legal Departments with Innovative ndMAX Generative AI Suite

In a groundbreaking move, NetDocuments has ventured into the realm of generative AI with the launch of the first product in its ndMAX suite. PatternBuilder MAX, a generative AI version of the document and workflow automation tool PatternBuilder, introduces a new era of possibilities for legal departments.

PatternBuilder MAX, developed using the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, harnesses the power of OpenAI’s GPT-4 large language model, enabling users to create and customize workflow apps effortlessly, without any coding or extensive prompt engineering. The applications built on PatternBuilder MAX are designed to perform a wide array of tasks, ranging from drafting and reviewing documents to extracting data from depositions or complaints.

NetDocuments CEO Josh Baxter revealed exciting details about the launch during a recent press event. He explained that ndMAX Studio, part of their customer enablement program, offers preloaded apps to cover common AI use cases, such as contract analysis and data extraction. However, the real magic lies in PatternBuilder MAX’s adaptability, as users have the liberty to customize and fine-tune the apps according to their firm’s unique requirements.

NetDocuments took a distinctive approach with PatternBuilder MAX, aiming to strike a balance between two prevalent AI application designs. Baxter emphasized that the traditional generative AI chatbot-style tools, relying on user-entered prompts, might not effectively address the complexities of real-world use cases. On the other hand, the “black box approach,” hiding the prompts that generate outputs, lacks user flexibility and insight into the app’s inner workings. PatternBuilder MAX bridges the gap by providing a set of pre-written prompts that users can modify to fit specific matters or clients, offering the best of both worlds.

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Security and privacy were central concerns in developing ndMAX. Scott Kelly, NetDocuments’ director of product, assured users that PatternBuilder MAX operates within the NetDocuments platform, ensuring full application of access controls and ethical walls. Furthermore, NetDocuments’ collaboration with Microsoft guarantees that client data is securely purged and not used to train the large language model, ensuring data privacy.

PatternBuilder MAX is just the initial offering in NetDocuments’ ambitious ndMAX suite. The company plans to expand the suite’s capabilities with future releases, with Extract MAX set to enhance data extraction capabilities significantly. This upcoming solution will enable users to perform repository-wide information extraction effortlessly.

NetDocuments joins the ranks of other leading legal tech providers that have integrated generative AI into their offerings. The advent of generative AI in the legal industry promises revolutionary advancements, empowering legal departments with streamlined workflows, increased efficiency, and unparalleled capabilities. As these innovations unfold, the legal landscape stands on the cusp of transformation, ushering in a new era of AI-powered excellence.

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